Preparing for a Winter Trip

Here are some helpful ideas for a winter survival kit:

Check all fluids in your car or get a quick safety inspection at your local garage.

Check your winter tires and air pressure.

Have a set of jumper cables on hand.

Drop a shovel in the trunk to dig out of any deep snow

Tow chains or cables to tow the car out of drifts

Windshield scraper and snow brush

Small tool kit (screwdriver, pliers, wrench)

It always nice to have on hand a flashlight and road flares/signal devices. i

Traction materials such as kitty litter, sand, rock salt, or traction mats which help to provide traction on slippery surfaces

First-aid kit in case of emergencies

Extra clothing, rain gear and/or a blankets to keep warm while waiting for help

A piece of colorful cloth to attach to the antenna to draw attention to your car in heavy snow

Take along some nonperishable foods and bottled water

First aid kit with a pocketknife and a whistle to signal for help

Check your whether especially if your heading to higher elevations.BC Highways

Leave yourself extra time and slow down in poor winter conditions.

Have a safe trip!



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