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(ARA) Literally every maneuver your vehicle makes is dependent on a system of undercar components you can't see -- from steering parts such as tie rods to suspension components like ball joints and coil springs.

Steering and suspension parts help maintain a vehicle's safe, firm contact with the road. They also ensure proper steering response, accurate alignment angles, appropriate tire life, and maximum ride quality. And because they absorb tremendous punishment on a daily basis, they can and do wear out.

Most automotive technicians will take the extra time to check for worn steering and suspension components while performing alignment, brake and tire services. If a technician recommends replacing any of these components on your vehicle, don't put off the repair until another time -- after all, your safety could be at stake.

"It's absolutely vital for vehicle owners to ask for steering and suspension checkups at least on an annual basis, but ideally as part of every alignment, brake or tire service occasion," says Kristen Phipps, a representative for Moog Chassis Parts, the automotive service industry's Number one brand of steering and suspension components. "It's not enough to simply keep your tires and brakes in shape -- they work in conjunction with steering and suspension parts to provide the safe steering response and precision handling you're counting on."

Common signs of worn steering and suspension parts include loose steering, a steering "pull" to one side, vehicle vibration at certain speeds, and increased ride noise, vibration and harshness. In some cases, however, the signs might be far less obvious, so always follow the service recommendations of a qualified technician.

A good way to learn more about the role of steering and suspension technologies is to watch a televised NASCAR Nextel Cup Series race. Each driver on the track understands the crucial advantage of precise steering response and component durability. That's why leading drivers and teams rely on Moog products; in fact, Moog has helped drive 38 consecutive NASCAR champions to victory.

"Those drivers are relying on the same steering and suspension technologies available for most passenger cars," Phipps says. "The key to gaining that same advantage -- and protecting yourself and your passengers from a wear-related component failure -- is to ask your technician to perform a complete steering and suspension inspection. And if any parts need to be replaced, be sure they install Moog."

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