Choosing your garage

Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one. If possible get a referral from a friend who has established a working history with a good garage and/or mechanic.

In most cases auto shops cannot determine what is wrong with your car over the phone. Estimates mean little without knowing the detail of the problem. So drop by a few shops in your area and let them check over the car or problem.

Look for a neat, well organized facility with clean bays. Notice if the shop is busy and the knd of vehicles in the parking lot.

Look for a courteous and friendly staff, with service writers who are willing to answer all of your questions.

In some cases you may wish to go on a test drive with your mechanic to point out the problem before they begin any repairs.

Ask about their policies regarding labor rates, diagnostic and guarantees.

Check to see if they have any courtesy transportation or offer you a ride and pickup service when your vehicle is ready.

Always check ahead of time their schedule for repairs and a delivery or pickup time.

If your satisfied with the work and price it's always best to have them do all the work. They will know your vehicle's history, saving time and money when diagnosing the problems.  Plus, many shops have special discounts on oil changes, etc. for regular customers.

Find a shop that calls you before any work is done, and then shows you the parts replaced while repairing your vehicle. It's always nice for them to take the time to explain and show you what work was done on your car.

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