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It's important to flush your cooling system every two years. Cooling system neglect can lead to engine and transmissions failure.

Your cooling systems keeps your engine running at a specified temperature, circulates hot water to your heating system and cools your transmission

Vehicles have small engines with high horsepower with makes them run much hotter. Plus, many of today's vehicles have tighter engine compartments and small radiators, air conditioning, emission systems that also cause the engines to run hotter

How to Flush your Cooling System

Always start with the engine cold and ignition off.

b) Remove the radiator pressure cap.

c) Open the lock at the bottom of the radiator and drain into a bucket.

d) Close the lock.and fill the radiator with water

e) Start the engine and turn the heater control to hot.

f) Add cooling system cleaner and idle the engine for 30 minutes (or as per the instructions on container).

g) Stop the engine and allow it to cool for five minutes.

f) Drain the system once again into a bucket.

g) Close the lock on the radiator and fill with water and let run for 5 minutes.

h) Drain one more time, lock the radiator

i) Install new 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze/coolant



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